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Clone Club Plus Two

I restrict myself to a single row in order to limit my time investment in the comic, and I end up deciding to draw nearly 30 figures. And a door. I am not a smart man. Though a good third of those are rough silhouettes, because I am a lazy man.

That orc attendance count comes from #32. The number itself originally came from a Munchkin card, which was relatively new at the time. Now there are that many different Munchkin sets, I’m pretty sure. That could be dangerous by itself.

The known casualties include Goulaz and his gang, referenced in the previous update, and also those lost to the Dwarven Body Surfing attack and subsequent Squirrelzilla Assault. Total XP value: 1,300.

The Lymon Orcs were not from this same horde, so they don’t count.

“Doctor Bob” and “Pretty Nurse” were never given formal names, but they do have unique faces, which was something of a rarity in the Town of Bob.

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