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Shaking Things Up

I told IRL Andrew that he would appear for realsies in today’s comic, and lo, he appears. HI ANDREW!

We first met the elves inside Andrew’s head as he developed plot hooks for his campaign. Then again later inside Andrew’s head as he progressed unseen plot threads. And after that, inside Andrew’s head as he updated his campaign notes. What I’m trying to say is that Andrew spends a lot of time thinking about these guys.

Which is all well and good, because none of the players have seen them yet. Or have any indication that they even exist. They’re like ghosts! Except they’re elves! Elf ghosts! No, that’s silly.

Not pictured: the reactions of the NPCs from Bob. They have a history of not reacting well to anything plot-related.

Among the books on Andrew’s shelf are his copies of Fiendish Traps to Mash and Impale your Friends and The Dwarf-Slayer’s Handbook. Not pictured is his copy of Monsters to Kill Any PC, Any Time. It doesn’t actually exist. He’d put a fake cover on a Biology book years ago, and the pictures were frightening enough that Doug’s been paranoid ever since.

Well, now that we’ve covered all that, this comic is certainly starting to imply… continuity, isn’t it? Yes, yes it is.


This is still an experiment, not a promise. I have a lot to work out to make this process efficient enough that I can build up a buffer of any sort. This comic almost didn’t happen on time despite the fact that I started it even before last week’s comic. Blame that on an unusual weekend work-sprint and a recurring inflammation of Path-Of-Exile-itis. But don’t worry, that always runs its course.

Usually it runs right into the arms of the Next Big Timesuck.

Right now, my plans aren’t any more ambitious than Try To Make One Comic A Week. Next week will mark two months of consistency. I don’t even know who I am any more.

I guess I should try to write a comic, huh?

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