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Minion Mixer

For this comic, I went back to Manga Studio.

I’m sure this blow-by-blow is exciting to you.

But anyway, it actually went very well. All up until I was ready to export the image and every single text layer got corrupted in some screwy way. Clicking to edit the text would cause the word balloons to show the background right through them. But the balloons were still there, just not cooperating. I ended up having to re-create every text and balloon layer.

Let’s hope that’s not a common occurrence.

In other news: Yet another new website template!

I created this template so that I can have larger comics. Like this one! And the previous two! (I’ve uploaded newer, larger versions of them as well).

There’s going to be a lot of things that aren’t quite right with this template. But I figure that’s okay considering the previous template wasn’t exactly… functional. I have a lot of work ahead of me making sense out of the weird mess I created when I converted things into the new system. For example, the comic rants were basically hidden before. I’ve managed to add them back into the (mostly correct) comics again. But now they’re probably just full of broken links and other strangeness.

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