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Dealing with the Hand

NPCs need to pass the time in their own way when they’re not “on stage”. These NPCs may be starting to get on each other’s nerves.

I didn’t take a lot of time to design these guys’ outfits when they first showed up. I mean, they are Shadowy Minions, so the fact that they’re wearing dark grey on top of dark grey with shadows over their faces makes sense, I guess.

This comic I produced entirely within Photoshop… and I found all the reasons to not settle on that approach. So, have the third style of template in three updates. But hey, three updates! On something of a schedule! In color!

A side-effect of playing with templates is that I keep screwing up font sizes such that I have to fix them to make them at all legible at “real” size. I’m trying to decide between “strip” or “page” formats for actual comics. Either way, I think I’ll make them a bit wider than they are now. I’d have published this one larger, but my current template doesn’t support that. Bummer.

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