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High Performance Standards

This comic took exactly as long to create as it looks like it did.

Also, the Google+ gag was way funnier in my head when I thought the comic was going to be next to the side column down here.


How have you been? Global pandemic you say? Supply chain problems and political unrest?

Well, forget all that. Here’s your on-average-once-per-year comic update! Now everything’s just peachy.

Some day soon I’ll sweep the cobwebs off of this site, I swear. Not do much more with it, mind you, but I dislike me some cobwebs.

In order to get this comic to even publish I had to manually serialize an array of strings. Do you know how hard that is? Me neither, I just used some other website. But it sounds difficult, so I revel in it.

Attention Whoring!
Google Group!

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