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Well Lookie Here Again

Actually, it turns out to only have been one month. You know, technically.

It’s true I have a good excuse for a handfull of those days. For instance, just today I dumped a good hundred dollars worth of food due to an unscheduled refrigerator failure. (Not that these things are usually scheduled, but it’s worth noting that this one wasn’t one of those times) Note that this was on a day I did manage an update. Of sorts.

But that cannot disguise the fact that I have committed the cardinal sin of webcomics: coming off a hiatus an then gradually reducing updates to a slow, silent trickle. Of the dozen readers I didn’t alienate with the year-long hiatus, I think I have a whole negative three left.

So… here’s my plan. (I’ve said that before, I know.) I am going to finish the current storyline. This will be one or two largish updates. I make no promises as to timeline because I do not want to just post crap; there’s a couple things I want to look nice.

After that, I change format. It has proven impossible to keep up with regular updates. My schedule has changed since I first started the comic, and even if my head is fully into comicry, any little distraction causes my free time to spin out of control and become a burning wreckage on the side of the road. I hate failing to meet expectations and I loathe hacking together sub-par crap because my heart isn’t into it, which is what happens when I force myself to meet artifical deadlines.

As such, here’s the deal. I will switch to updating with entire chapters at once. One full storyline, one big update. With no schedule attached, because I will go months without paying any attention to this project, and I need the flexibility to accomodate that. Updates will be announced on the web site and via an announcement list of some kind. I will figure out how that will work by the time I finish the current storyline.

I have every intention of finishing this full story. It just won’t happen in quite the same way I began it.

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