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We Now Return To Once Upon A Table… Already In Progress

Aaaaand, We’re Back

So. How’ve you been?

Yes, Once Upon a Table is back, on the preordained day. The day prophesized long ago to be the beginning of something new. Something Bold. Something you can stop skipping past instantly when you load it from your saved bookmarks file. Maybe.

As I sit here, surrounded once again by the implements of webcomicry, I must stop and ask myself: Why the heck am I doing this again? Is it because I love the long hours of pained toil? The strain of constant creative output?

The colored pencils?

I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

Anyway: That’s been Once Upon A Table. See you for the next update on September 13, 2006!

Just kidding. Come back Monday for more info.

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