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Bonus Feature: Deleted Scene w/ Commentary
Some people have theorized that all of the NPCs are played by people with masks, and that we use blue-screen technology to put Andrew's head on them in post production. As you can see from this shot, there actually are several people who look exactly like Andrew, and take turns playing various NPCs.

I have also been asked (not really, but a guy can pretend, right?) how I come up with all of the strip titles. Well, the process goes something like this:

  1. Curse myself for deciding to name every damn strip separately.
  2. Stare at the strip and see if anything genuinely funny occurs to me.
  3. Type any stupid thing with the excuse that I'll change it before it goes live.
  4. "Forget" to change anything and just upload the damn nuisance.

Here is one of those production mistakes that happen all the time. Jason, one of the stage hands, chose this moment to walk past the cameras on his way to assembling a set. Unfortunately, the camera was on and Jason's camera-fear was captured for the ages as an excuse to give him a good ribbing. Had these strips moved into the next stage of production, Jason would have been replaced with a large potted plant or something.
Here you can see some of the tricks I employ to hide the only mostly obvious fact that I have no idea what I'm doing. Drawing people that are walking without making them look like their knees have fallen into the wrong places is difficult for me. It has something to do with perspective and vanishing points and horizons and all that crap. Instead, I just draw a big crate of apples in front of the legs. And as for the guy on the left, you may notice that his right leg mysteriously disappears after passing behind Shirk. This proves that Shirk is some sort of mobile space-time distortion, but this is more of a production handicap than a plot point.

Other production handicaps include Mark's insistence on telling all of the unfunny jokes before he gets to the good ones and Chad's alarming habit of yelling "wang" at the most inappropriate times. There was also that incident with the vanilla wafers.

Down Comes The Pun-ishment
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