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Hello. This is Mark Jones and I am happy to present to you a scene deleted from the original airing of Session One. These comics have been remastered from the original footage, which means that I just sort of scrounged around the floor until I found enough panels to fake it. You are seeing the footage as it exists before effects are added. It generally takes a few hours to pour in the background and to wait for it to set properly.
These strips would fall roughly between episodes #90 and #92. The more observant and sarcastic of you are probably thinking "Wouldn't that be #91?" And to you I say: shut up.
These strips were removed in the interest of moving the plot along. Also, the way it was filmed resulted in some continuity errors with the rest of the story, and so it was decided to just give up on the whole thing and to grab a bit of lunch instead.

Here, we see the table's reaction to a bad pun. Only Mark seems amused, and this is probably just gas. Or perhaps regret that he didn't think of it first. Or maybe regret about the gas, or something.

It All Began With A Pun

Special Bonus Features!

There’s not much need for me to talk about this week’s strips, as the strips themselves should be doing that for me. This value-added feature is a clever gimmick for me to rewind the clock and present a few jokes that I never, for various reasons, got a chance to do earlier.

So, I’ve finished all of my Christmas shopping, which is to say I’ve given up. You can rest assured that if I haven’t purchased anything for you that I shall feel suitably guilty about it.

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