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1,287,081 Bytes Down…

Today features another double-size strip- this one with a nice, round number up in the corner. Yup, today Once Upon A Table reaches its fiftieth strip! And so far we’ve…uh… fought some orcs. On the plus side, Hew is halfway to level thanks to some nifty manipulations of stats and skills. Pungent, in comparison, is halfway to dead. But we’ll be taking care of that shortly. Ooooh. That almost sounded ominous.

I don’t really have anything planned to mark this milestone because at heart I am a cold, lazy bastard. I can tell you that there are some new things coming up that I am in the process of making not suck. And let me tell you, it can be a chore to make things not suck.

So, with that said, you may now continue with your day allowing the warm glow of this momentous occasion to lift your spirits and keep your car running even with the needle on E.

(Note: No guarantees are made for perpetual motion or other breakdowns in the acknowledged laws of science. Mock cause and effect at your own peril.)

Quick, duck! The next fifty are coming fast!

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