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HINT: Click on the options to see the outcome of your choice!
The Peril of Possibility

Another update? Less than a year since the last one?

And with enough content for 5 or so normal comics?


So… no actual POLL or any such thing for the options above. But if you haven’t already, try clicking on each of the options. You should (!) get a Special Bonus Second Punchline! Because I’m terrible at doing normal-sized things.

This is a direct sequel to a comic posted in… dear lord… October 2008. But I’m not linking to that previous comic. Because you can find it by just clicking “Prev”… three times. Eggggghghghggg.

Okay, fine. Here’s the direct link. I even did full color for this sequel!

This experiment was done entirely digitally again, but this time directly in Photoshop. I don’t do these things that often, so I make sure to change all the variables whenever I do, just to keep me off balance.

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