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The Plan

I’m pretending it’s Monday. It’s just cleaner that way.

So, I have a plan, and it regards this comic, this website, and the continuation of them both. But you’re not going to like it.

Step one: I finish the current “storyline”. Two or three updates, probably.

Step two: Find some way to keep you all amused while I walk away for a while and devote all my energy (or, at least, my OUaT-related energy) towards the eventual relaunch of the comic.

Yes, this means shortly, not even guilt, your one weapon against me, will cause me to scratch together an update.

On the plus side, the reason I’m thinking this approach might actually work is that it comes with what is known as a deadline. I can confidently announce, or at least abashedly mention, that Once Upon A Table will relaunch on… May 20, 2006.

…Which is a Saturday, unfortunately. An odd day for a relaunch, I admit. Despite that, it is the anniversary of OUaT’s original appearance in 2002. You can check the archives if you don’t believe me. It will also be only about three weeks short of the anniversary of the last “real” comic update, #535.

Yes, it’s a way off, but my original self-imposed quasi-hopeful deadline for the same thing was… er… January 1. As today is the 16th, you can see how well that worked.

I made this decision while working on the Jeremy comic about a month ago. I’ve used the intervening time to get a good head start on my work. Which is to say, it’s yet to catch up with me.

Look at it this way. At least I’m actually making plans for a comeback. With some update-struggling comics you just get months of silence maybe followed by a text-based finale announcing that, by the way, so-and-so’s a lesbian. But not with my comic.

Which is another way of saying I need more female characters.

Anyhoo, I figured I’d let you know. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go work on actually meeting my goals.

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