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(Arkham Horror Eats Nate)

Color Takes Time

I think this will mark the end of my experimentation with the Sharpie as primary inking tool. Unless I decide to draw every panel on a full 8.5×11, at least.

ONE of the reasons for the quantity and… “quality” of strips lately has been that my various collections of computer hardware have been in pretty much every combination of configurations you can think of, especially the ones that involve the word “inoperable”. My only goal for this past weekend, aside from getting this comic done and doing some laundry, was to take a new computer I recently assembled and get it all cozy with all my tools and data.

The comic was produced entirely on a laptop with a spastic tablet pen and a pixel-deficient monitor, at the last minute, while wearing only a dirty pair of undies.

How was your weekend?

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