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Yes, so I’ve been rather silent down here recently. This has much to do with the total upheaval I’ve unleashed upon my native computer environment. The last few comics have been produced entirely on my laptop’s LCD screen, which has resulted in a couple coloring boo-boos. You can probably expect that to continue for a bit.

Why? Because I’ve finally made the switch to Linux on my destop, which means I get to start from scratch when it comes to finding programs I like that work how I want. This switch signifies my letting go of over a gig’s worth of programs I’ve collected over my past 10 years of Windowshood. Luckilly, the Mozilla programs can go anywhere I go, keeping me from being left completely adrift in a world populated only by useless toys embedded in toolbar upon toolbar.

So, until I get around to configuring my scanner and coaxing The Gimp into playing nice, you might have to put up with the occasional stone-white complexion on random characters.

Also, tomorrow is threating to be some sort of “election” thing here in the US. I encourage everyone to vote. The more people who vote, the longer it’ll take for the recounts and the more people will get pissed at the whole thing. And pissing people off is funny.

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