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Stopping The Squeeze Play


Okay, I’m back! Backity-back back back. Etcetera.

There is a small problem, however. It seems that my proofreaders, by which I mean you, are slipping. Going though my own archives I came across such things as “We floated in from that directions” and “arcitecture”. This depicts a distinct indifference towards proper English; An indifference I refuse to take personal responsibility for. As such, I blame MTV. Not because I watch it or that it particularly deserves the blame, but just because it’s easy to spell.

As was my civic duty, I picked up a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance last week. Seeing as the original Final Fantasy Tactics was the reason I even bought a Playstation in the first place, this was a pretty likely event. I would add more about the topic, but you don’t come here for game reviews and I could spend my time in so many better ways. Like playing FFTA, for example.

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