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Now *This* Is A Strip

It’s A Special Day!

You may have noticed, if you’re using a browser released in the last century, that there’s a bit of a parade going on. Why is that, you ask? Why, simple!

Today is the release of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s newest album, Poodle Hat!

Oh, and this is also the one-year anniversary of Once Upon A Table. To celebrate, I created a largely forgettable strip and used my leftover time to create a potentially annoying spectacle! In fact, I am probably annoying a great number of you, as Internet Explorer and I have a little disagreement when it comes to scroll bars. And behavior is spotty in Opera and simply non-existent in Netscape 4. All in all, this was probably not a good project to try and squeeze into three hours.

Thanks for making Once Upon A Table the most successful webcomic to ever be called Once Upon A Table!

As far as I know.

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