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Lost Trails And Lucky Breaks

They Tell Me It’s Spring

Mark in his Cubs hatI accidently looked outside today and, after recoiling from the hated, searing rays of the sun, noticed that all of the snow has disappeared. Being that I live in Minnesota, this is a full three months early. Or is it only three months until the snow’s back? I forget.

Either way, this signals the start of my favorite springtime activity: watching others getting some exercise and enjoying themslves in the wonderful spring weather. Also known as televised baseball. Or whatever it is the Cubs play.

I’m a big Cubs fan. At least when compared to the size of my fannishness for any other sporting organization. See, I own two Cubs hats! The White Sox visor I own was entirely not my fault and can be blamed instead on the hot sun above Comiskey Park that delighted in making Cub Scouts faint in front of the turn styles. The hated, searing sun. But hey, free hat!

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