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His Shoes Are Tied Together, Too

oh-three oh-three oh-three

It’s yet another one of those “Once Or Less In A Lifetime” dates! Just like September 9, 1999 (9/9 ’99) and late afternoon on February 3rd of 2001 (when it was ’01 2/3 4:56.789pm), today’s date forms a recognizable pattern when arranged in a specific order and represented in base 10 numerals! It’s unique! You’ll only live through about 50 of them!

Enjoy it. Take the day off and tell your boss it’s Oh-Three Day! If you still have a job when you get back, brag about all the fun you had and how much you’re looking forward to the next Oh-Three Day in 3003. You will have to do a lot of lying.

And to think, Oh-Four Day is only a year, a month, and a day away!

…And yes, that is a Pokémon reference in the strip. I have little to no shame.

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