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Why The Twist-top Troll Is A Rare Breed

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I recently picked up Command & Conquer: Generals, and I just know that you’re all dying to hear my unrequested, knee-jerk opinion. And here it is: B.

The grade would probably be much higher if it weren’t for the occasionally abysmal user interface. This isn’t a “Blizzard-style UI sucks!” complaint. This is a “badly-done Blizzard-style UI with incomplete C&C-style enhancements sucks”. Simply put: there is too much clicking on buildings, using unit skills is difficult, and they’ve screwed with the C&C waypointing command AGAIN and this time managed to make it entirely useless… it is impossible to waypoint multiple attack targets or issue an “attack move” waypoint command.

Which isn’t to say it’s not a good game. You can get used to the deficiencies of the UI after enough play, and the GLA faction alone is unique enough to make an interesting game. It is definitely worth picking up if you like the C&C games. Warcraft fans will probably see it as a failed attempt to emulate the Blizzard game, though… it’s just that awkward.

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