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Apocalypse Claims Local Gaming Group
The universe collapsed in a gigantic heap this week, wreaking havoc upon millions and utterly devastating a local gaming group. "If only I hadn't missed my saving throw," complained one victim, "I would have shown that apocalypse what-for!"

Okay, so the real news. Keenspace took a nose dive into an empty pool. They have since been able to start filling the pool, but the impact left a big crack in the bottom and the water keeps leaking out.

And now the real, real news. The hard drive in the main Keenspace server blew up in a most fantastic manner. The Keen people were in the process of moving AAAAALLLL the Keenspace sites you know and love (as well as a few you hate and loath) to a new machine when said hard drive finally accessed its last sector. As a result, every site on Keenspace falls into one of two categories.

1. Completely relocated to the new server.
2. Lost to the ether... owners must re-upload everything.

And then there's Once Upon A Table, which fits squarely in category 3. Apparently this site was in the process of moving when the old server started giving off a faint smell of ionized circuitry. Half of my files made it to the new server, but half of a website is still only a webs.

Even the sites that made the transfer are struggling to get everything working properly in the new location, so you can expect most of Keenspace to be rather slow and sparsely updated for the rest of the week. Personally, I'm expecting this week to be a loss and hope to be back on Monday the 3rd. While there won't be any strips this week, I may update this page with odd things just for the hell of it. That's the kind of guy I am.

Meanwhile, the forums in all their glory are still active. At least, as active as usual.

Apocalypse Claims Local Gaming Group
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