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Meanwhile, Back At The Den…

The vast bulk of the “real world” comics coming up take place in the Den of Elemental Sin, a local hobby and gaming shop. This is the sort of thing I should have clarified in the comics themselves, but I’m much too busy to bother with things such as clarification, exposition, or plot.

So. 2003. Yup. My New Year’s Eve consisted largely of listening to people who know about such things discuss music, martial arts, and the metric system. Not necessarily in that order nor, interestingly, at separate times. My music experience is limited to cursing at windchimes, I have a ten-year-old yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do, and as a citizen of the United States, the metric system is a complete mystery to me. (They put something in the water, I’m sure.) In any case, I was forced to mock them all quietly because I knew that if I mocked them openly they would have beat me silly while singing scales and then could have been able to tell me exactly how close to death I was afterwards, down to several decimal points.

That entire paragraph was devised solely to make this little rant thingie reach a healthy size. Instead, I think I’ve overfed it. I’m going to stop now before I find it floating at the top of the tank in the morning.

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