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Bonus Feature: Deleted Scene w/ Commentary
NDCG = Nondescript Cell Guard.

And now the pay-off! This comic, more than any other in the series, shows why these five compose a deleted scene. If you've ever wondered why there is an occasional double-size comic for an apparently random reason, it is because I was trying to fit this much stuff into a single-sized strip and failed. As you can see, I also failed in this case, but I didn't let that stop me. No, I stuffed everything I possibly could into its tight little wrapper and left you to sort it all out.

The "Get Out of Jail Free" card is a tired and droll joke, so it was entirely necessary that I use it. In fact, this sequence was originally planned to go on even longer, with Hew and Pzamdriel making an elaborate plan to free Shirk before he just wanders out on his own. In the interest of not boring people out of their skull (and because that sentence was the entirety of the script for that bit), the whole thing was dropped and even this recreation was cut down to fit nicely within one week.

So, I hope you've all enjoyed this little look into what could have been. I've had a blast narrating it for you and, though no one paid me for it, I feel enriched by the experience. Just not, you know, in the monetary way.

Okay! I admit it! This whole week was a nefarious plot to do less work and still keep myself on schedule with this comic! And it failed! Failed horribly! I had to draw new strips anyway (the whole "deleted" concept itself being a dastardly lie), and all the time saved on coloring and creating effects was wasted on this superfluous yet highly amusing commentary! I blame you! It's all your fault! And if it's not your fault then I blame Society, because Society is too damn big to notice and is not very likely to fight back! And I blame exclamation points!

This presentation of Deleted Scene With Commentary was brought to you by Once Upon A Table, The National Endowment For Low Arts, a large man with a stick, and Viewers Like You! Only, not exactly like you because you just sat there on your ass and did nothing. But viewers who, would you see them on the street, would look not very different from you, at least.
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