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Damnation in the Den of Elemental Sin – Part 1

What The Hell Is This!?

This week, Once Upon A Table takes a little break to present to you evidence supporting my eternal punishment in the realm of Satan. Risking the possibility of offending any number of my tens of readers, I present to you “Damnation in the Den of Elemental Sin”, an out-of-continuity production.

You see, there are certain things that travel around the Internet much like migrating wildebeests. There are still people out there forwarding joke lists from 1972, probably just because they didn’tget it and thought someone else might. My attention was brought to this religious tract through a course of events that, as I understand it, started with it appearing in the rant of a webcomic artist. This made sense to me because the tract is a collection of drawings and is also, in my opinion, fairly humorous. I especially enjoy the fourth panel. Having recently started my own webcomic, I was of course tempted to produce my own religious propaganda. The result is this week’s entertainment and a flagrant disregard for any number of divine imperatives.

Once Upon A Table will resume next week, though things will continue to be a bit weird for a while as the characters suffer though the week between gaming sessions. Not that things being weird is new.

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