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Fall Of The Second Tower

Mumble, snort, smack

So you spend all week getting up at 6:30 am, lost in a haze of quasi-awareness, not even sure whether or not you are yet wearing your glasses. Then the weekend comes, and you have the opportunity to sleep as much as you want! So you get up an Noon mostly awake, and then find that you spend the rest of the day no more than Mostly Awake. This annoys me. I think my dimmer switch is broken.

Today’s strip amuses me. It’s not my best art, and that becomes even more obvious because there’s no dialog. It remains on my “amuses me” list, however. If you don’t recall, the fall of the first tower is chronicled waaaaay back here.

The title on this page has taken a half-step towards being an actual logo. Really, it’s the best I could come up with this weekend. Here below is the next best logo idea I had:

Alternate OUaT logo
Get it? It’s an Ounce Upon A Table! What a riot!

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