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Not On My Way To GenCon

So, GenCon is this weekend and I find myself completely prepared to not be there. Instead, I will sit in my house and surround myself with all my old, geeky stuff so I can pretend that it is new, geeky stuff. I’d surround myself with old, geeky people and pretend that they are new geeky people, but most of the local geeky people I know are going to the real GenCon. This leaves me to surround myself with paper cutouts of fake, geeky people so that I can pretend they are real geeky people.

Or maybe I’ll just sleep all weekend. That sounds like a plan.

I feel like pointing a big fat hyperlink at one of the newest comics to grace my bookmark list. Being mentioned by name on someone’s home page has that effect on me, I guess. What Is Roleplaying? looks something like the old D&D modules, and reads like every gaming group everywhere. Besides, the author called me noble and I didn’t even have to bribe him. Much.

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