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Ass Is A Funny Word

My Doctor For A Healing Spell!

This week we begin to explore the complex and exciting world of Adventurer health care. Never mind the fact that this entire sequence should, by rights, be reduced to the GM announcing that “time passes” and “you get some HP back”. I’m working on ignoring multiple levels of reality, here. Play along with me.

I’ve been spending my free time working on no less than three comic-related projects, none of which you will see in the immediate future. Why is that? Because I’m just that evil.However, if I could direct your attention to a certain KeenLace 2002, you may find where some of my productivity has gone. And this example is arguably less disturbing than myprevious submission to Keenlace 2002. I’d do more, but it’s kinda hard to explain people playing an RPG in their underwear. Now, I suppose I could have people playing Strip-Settlers-Of-Catan, but I think that’s a horror I will actually spare you from.

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