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Fighter In The Hole!

Big Comics, Little Boo-Boos.

Double-sized comic today. It’s not exactly like getting two comics for the price of one, but it¬†is¬†sunshine fresh, and full of all-natural lemon juice. Wait. No, it isn’t.

So anyone who checked the site this weekend probably noticed that the front page was all shades of screwed up. I’m slowly trying to add a few things here and there, and one of those “there”s accidently became a “here” when I had expressly told it not to. It has since been dealt with severely.

Stupid “there”.

Anyhoo, the combat sequence continues this week, but it’ll be over soon, I promise. But just like when you actually play an RPG, the combats tend to drag on and on and on… It’s realism!

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