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Stupid French

Wednesday, June 26, 2002 – 8:27 am

I have a lasting rivalry with the French language. Sure, I had to take a quarter of French in High School, but that barely got us past the “nasally wheezing” phase. And then, skipping ahead a good deal, Quebec sued video game makers because they weren’t releasing French versions of their products. This lead directly to me buying a copy of Chrono Cross with a gloriously incomprehensible instruction book. It had all those weird accents and everything. I choose to blame the lack of proper instruction on why I never really played that game more than 8 or so hours.

Anyhoo, it has come to my attention that the word “dicotech” is actually spelled “discotheque” in an effort to confuse all spellers of the English world. Or at least those too lazy to look it up, like me. This misspelling thing is a trend that will likely continue because it, like me not buying flat-panel monitors, is something of a tradition. I’d start a contest to catch misspellings, but I’d be spending more time coming up with prizes than drawing strips.

Unless you count a new version of the strip as a prize. Probably with a completely separate misspelling to find!

Disclaimer: New version of strip not guaranteed to appear quickly, in the right place, or even with the spelling error in question fixed. Not all French are stupid, just the usual percentage. Consult your parents before calling the Once Upon A Table hotline. Do not influence operations under heavy machinery, or something.

Ah. Irony.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002 – 11:21 am

For those who didn’t notice, I misspelled my own mispelling earlier by missing the S in “discotech”. While this is more of a typo, I shall keep it there because, really, that’s kinda funny.

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