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The Plan Revealed

Will The Madness Never Stop?

Here we are, entering into the fifth week of Super Bonus Debut Month (or whatever I was calling it). The five-per-week update schedule will continue for a while, yet. I had originally intended to only update 3 times a week, but five-per-week seems to work well so far, meaning that I haven’t yet missed an update. That has less to do with my ability to keep a deadline than it has to to with my hideous head start on this thing. Besides, if I update every weekday I feel like I can get away with having a mostly two-tone strip. Less often, and people would expect me to add color or even (gasp) shading! Five updates a week is simply less work.

I feel the need to add a second paragraph here, and so I shall. But it shall not contain any actual, shall we say, content. That would require a subject, and one thing I am currently lacking in is Subject.

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