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Webcomicry Abounds

The more astute of you probably noticed the REALLY LARGE banner below today’s comic (assuming I didn’t screw up preparing it). Christian of Nobody Loves The Whiner saw fit to give me my first piece of fan art, and I saw fit to make a big deal out of it. His comic only has four strips up so far, but that’s apparently because he’s been busy trolling for links though fan art. Well, it worked.

There is a pattern I notice in online comics, and that is the following: rant size is inversely proportionate to a strip’s number of updates per week. Some folks, like Penny Arcade(Like you needed a link) update only once or twice per week, and supply a hearty side-order of rant. Others like It’s Walky!update every dag-nabbed day, and leave only the new strip as insight into the workings of their mind.

I, however, have yet to settle on a schedule. This leaves me with some leeway as far as this whole “write random things to amuse or at least occupy complete strangers” thing. Thus, I post randomly during the week and don’t currently have any of these posts attached to my archives. Maybe I would feel the urge to do something about that if I actually talked about (gasp) the current strip? Nah.

Continuing the tradition of randomizing things on my home page (you have noticed that things change on this page, haven’t you?), I have added some links to a variety of webcomics that currently grace my bookmark list. Since it’s such a large list, only five links appear at a time, and in no specific order. Why no, all this random stuff is not an attempt to artificially inflate my site’s hit count at all. I’d be insulted that you would think such a thing except, of course, that I thought it first.

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