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The World Just Got Scarier

What? Are you still here?

That’s a trick question. I know you weren’t here to begin with.

Welcome to the second half of Grand Opening Daily Update Month! I’m actually toying with the idea of keeping this strip (mostly) daily, but that just may be the allergy medicine talking.

Today’s strip (number 12) starts the real story rolling. Before now, you’ve only been witnessing a fake story, designed to dull your senses to the point where the real story becomes palatable. Just maybe, I’ve succeeded.

I’ve updated the Character Sheets page, which is to say I put something there in the first place. I realize there’s a lot of characters I introduce all at once in this strip, and that page may help you sort them all out. Here’s a hint: if you’re ever confused about who a character is, it’s probably Doug. It took me over twenty strips to figure out how to draw him consistantly…

This week, everyone needs to run out and pick up a copy of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s UHF on DVD. It’s the best movie no one’s ever heard of, right after that one home video of me with one of those paddleball contraptions. This movie is the reason everyone points at Michael Richards and cries “I know that guy! He’s that janitor!”

I’m too lazy to delete the previous post, so I’ll just leave it secure in the knowledge that it’ll take you so much longer to download that additional 2.02 KB.

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