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Arrival Of The Beast

Welcome to “Once Upon A Table”!

Hello. My name is Mark, and I’ll be your provider of occasional humor.

Once Upon A Table is a unique webcomic… it’s a semi-autobiographical piece involving a group of friends (one of whom wears a black T-shirt with a skull on it) playing games. I’ve never seen this covered before!

Er..okay. So it’s derivative. But I like to think it’s uniquely derivative because, while there may be other comics that do the same thing and likely do it better, this is the only one I draw, and therefore it’s the only one where I get all the jokes. Well, most of them.

The site will be changing over the next couple weeks as I tweak things and better learn how to take advantage of what KeenSpace can do for me. Eventually, it may even cease to be ugly!

As a special treat, Once Upon A Table will update five days a week, M-F, for at least a couple weeks. I’m just that nice a guy. I plan to eventually switch to a three-per-week format, simply because I don’t make five of these damn things every week.

If you find that this site or its comics inspire you to contact me, for praise or ridicule, you can do so here: comic@uponatable.com. I find people yelling at me to be funny.

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Once Upon a Table is © 2002-2024 by Mark Evan Jones